Maintenance Shops

Denver Public Schools Facility Maintenance is a Division of Facility Management. We strive to meet our department mission of ‘providing a quality environment so students can learn every day’ by living the DPS core value of Students First and having a division mission of being the best in class facility maintenance organization.

Facility Maintenance maintains approximately 15 million square footage of space and just under 2000 acres of outdoor learning environment spanning 26 miles from edge to edge. Facilities range in age from brand new state of the art buildings, to historical landmarks aged at 150+ years old.

Facility Maintenance is comprised of over 150 licensed, certified and experienced members, ensuring safe, quality maintenance is provided to each building. Each member serves in 1 of 8 trade and craft oriented teams. Each team plays a key role in maintaining all existing interior and exterior facility assets and systems.

Maintenance also has a one stop communication center, The First Call Center. This  team fields all calls, inquiries and requests coming into Facility Management. First Call assists with a wide variety of communications, providing quick and responsive answers.

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The Denver Public Schools Grounds Department places an immense deal of pride in being tasked with maintaining the facilities, landscapes, and sites that accompany the 150+ historic, mid-century, and innovative institutions that house the DPS community.  Ranging from the living and breathing entities to the hardscapes which constitute a large portion of Denver’s urban ecosystem,the Grounds Department’s scope of responsibility includes, but is not limited to the following aspects: Irrigation, Turf Maintenance, Athletic Fields (natural and synthetic), Landscaping, Arboreal, Asphalt/Concrete, Storm Sewer Systems (in conjunction with the Plumbing Department), Fencing, Playground Equipment and Safety Surfacing, Snow and Ice removal, Site Furnishings, Running Tracks, and Tennis Courts. As stewards of second largest amount of land in the City and County of Denver, it is our goal to maintain and safe and aesthetically pleasing environment to the entire DPS community and the citizens of Denver.


Zachary Lovato – Sr. Supervisor

Mark Clay – Grounds Supervisor

Doug Wilson – Crew Chief
Trees, Mowing, Weed Control, Athletics

Toan Ngo – Crew Chief
Playgrounds, Volunteer Days, Fencing, Paving, Trash Disposal

Weed Control and Fertilization Program FAQ


In an effort to support the whole child, your friendly DPS Electrical Department manages test and inspection contracts for life safety systems including Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler. Additionally, we also maintain and repair all existing building electrical circuitry, lighting systems, power and distribution, clock and bell components, and Fire Alarm/Fire Sprinkler system repairs. With a long history of excellence, we look forward to serving the district with the highest level of equity and accountability.


Mike Lakos- Manager

Bryan Herman- Supervisor

Dianna Chaffin- Crew Chief


Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The Denver Public Schools HVAC Department is committed to deliver innovative, resourceful and timely service in the areas of Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, and Automated Direct Digital Controls. Our number one goal is to sustain the highest level of comfort to the students, and staff. HVAC is also accountable for safeguarding the assets we operate and maintain including maximizing their efficiency and sustainability to ensure the optimum life of those assets.


Gary Hofstetter- Manager

Keith Weston- Supervisor

Metal Works

The Metal Welding department consists of Millwrights and Sheet Metal Technicians, providing maintenance to metal associated requests, and other attached building components. Some assets the Metal Welding department maintains and repair are, lockers, gym equipment, bathroom partitions, roll up doors, bleachers, stage rigging and curtains.

Sheet Metal Work

The Sheet Metal Crew performs sheet metal work repairs to windows, lockers, restroom partitions and doors, and kitchen fixtures. They also manufacture and installs duct work, vent and flue pipe, gutters and cap flashing. 

Millwright Work

The Metal Crew (the millwrights) duties include but are not limited to the manufacture, repair, and installation of the following:

Hand Rails

Cat walks

Roof Guards

Hall Gates

Window Guards

Back boards

Radiator Guards

Stage Rigging and Curtains


Gym Equipment

Auditorium Seating

Lunchroom Tables and Benches

Diving Boards

Wall Mats

Manufacture of Parts (that can no longer be purchased)

Serving Rails

Overhead Doors

Vinyl Window Shades

Access Ladders


Bill Gordon- Manager

Matt McGrady- Supervisor

Brent Christensen- Crew Chief


The Plumbing Department duties include maintenance, repair and installation of toilets, sinks, sewer lines, water mains, plumbing lines, water heaters, water fountains, and drain cleaning.

Services include:

Water Mains and Distribution

Domestic Hot and Cold Water Lines

Waste and Vent Drainage Piping

Storm Drains and Sewers

Plumbing Fixtures

Shower Valves

Hot Water Heaters

Gas Lines and Air Lines

Sand & Oil Interceptors

Backflow Preventers

Sewer Odor and Gas Leaks

Grease Traps and Clay Traps

Swimming Pools

Drain Cleaning

Acid Neutralizing Tanks


Joe Sherman- Manager

Tony Carey- Supervisor

Doug Norton- Crew Chief

Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sound approach to pest management. It relies on the coordinated use of pest and environmental information and the best available pest management methods to prevent unacceptable levels of pest damage by the most economical means and with the least possible hazards to people and the environment.

Pest control in schools must protect both the health and safety of the children and staff, minimize pest damage to structures and personal property, and improve the quality of the educational environment by avoiding annoyance and disruption of work and learning caused by insects, rodents and other pests. To meet these goals, DPS has implemented an IPM program to control pests in schools.


John Gleason- Manager

Jay Befus- Crew Chief

Roger Reyes- IPM Coordinator

Elijah Reyes- Pest Control Technician

Preventative Maintenance

The Preventive Maintenance Department performs maintenance on mechanical equipment and other items in the Schools that require schedule maintenance annually. The shop uses a cyclic system that visits the building three times a year. We perform tasks such as cleaning boilers and checking that safeties are working properly. In addition, the domestic hot water heaters are inspected and check for proper operation. Air handling equipment is serviced, belts are changed, bearings are lubed and the filtration is monitored or replaced as need with industry standards. Heating coils and cooling coils are inspected and cleaned as need. Exhaust fans are serviced once a year to insure that they are able to run as needed for ventilation. The shop also performs inspection on items including stage rigging, lunchroom tables for safe operation. Playground equipment and gym equipment is looked at and task generated for any major repairs needed. Preventive Maintenance oversees the code compliant contract for all the districts fire extinguishers: annul inspection and replacement due to use of the extinguisher or vandalism of the device or the cabinets they are secured in.

Maintenance and Operations Warehouse (MOW)

The Maintenance and Operations Warehouse is an internal location where commonly utilized tools and materials are available for the Denver Public School’s employees.

If you are interested in ordering supplies from the MOW, enter a work task through Tririga, or email Cherish Boswell.


John Gleason- Manager

Jay Befus- Crew Chief

Protective Coatings

The Protective Coatings Department works to collaboratively build and ensure a positive workplace climate and productive work environment in which to fulfill our responsibility to the students, community and schools of DPS. There will be a participatory management style, strong teamwork and work ethic sustained through open and honest communication, respect for one another, commitment to job quality and integrity in all that we do.

Protective Coatings Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all district property, we specialize in paint, roofing, plaster/insulation, graphic design and graffiti removal 24/7/365

Our department has oversight and coordination on anywhere from 15 to 30 self-help and volunteer projects in any given period of the year and supports the other shops with equipment and set up as well as assuring after their projects are completed, the finishes are put back to an acceptable condition.


Ken Montoya- Manager

Bret Flinchpaugh- Assistant Supervisor

Vince Clark- Crew Chief


The Structural department manages building maintenance across the district, servicing doors, locks, walls, floors, wood windows and glass, masonry, and some attached components. Structural has carpenters, cabinet makers, locksmiths, masons, and flooring technicians.


Bill Gordon- Manager

Matt McGrady- Supervisor

Roger Homrighausen- Crew Chief