Community Use

Seasonal use applications will start to be accepted at 7:00am on these dates:

  • Fall - August 5, 2024 (Bookings after September 2nd thru December and yearly bookings –September through end of May)

  • Winter - November 4, 2024 (Bookings for January, February)

  • Spring - February 3, 2025 (Bookings for March, April, May)

  • Summer Programs – February 1, 2025 (For Summer Camps only - athletic or educational - Last Day of Rental is Friday, July 25, 2025 for Summer Programs)

  • Summer - April 21, 2025 (Bookings for June, July & August)

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DPS Clients and Customers of Community Use:

Thank you for being a valuable DPS partner and customer.

Individuals or community groups who would like to use a Denver Public Schools facility may do so by contacting the Community Use Office in Facilities Maintenance Services.  All individuals must fill out and turn in a completed application to the Community Use Office: DPS Community Use Application, or for any questions please email Community Use

Please click here to review application acceptance dates throughout the 2023-2024 school year.

For questions regarding applications and insurance use the following links:

Liability Insurance:

$1,000,000 liability insurance certificate listing DPS as an additional insured.

For the personal use of tracks, tennis courts, and playgrounds, please, fill out the following form and we will get in contact with you: Personal Use Key Checkout Form

Thank you,

DPS Community Use Policy

The following regulation is developed for the implementation of School Board Policy KF – Community Use of School Facilities.


∗∗Application fee: $25 (Application not accepted without fee) Non-refundable.

∗∗Change fee: $25 per change

Personnel Hourly Overtime rates:

  • ∗Custodial Personnel: $35.00

  • Maintenance Personnel: $35.00

  • Stage Manager: $32.00

  • ∗∗Safety Officer CSO (Unarmed): $45.00

  • ∗∗Safety Officer Patrol (Armed): $55.00

  • **Safety Sergeant/Lieutenant (Armed): $65.00

  • Student Assistant: $ 9.37

  • Food Service Employee: $35.00

Overtime rates are subject to change according to salary adjustments.

∗Custodial overtime rates begin ½ hour before the event and end 1 hour after the event with a minimum of 4 hours on weekends, holidays, and on school breaks.

*For events larger than 250 people and/or using multiple areas, an additional Cleaning fee of $35 per hour may be added to your invoice. The additional fee will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

**Security overtime rates begin 1 hour before the event and end 1 hour after the event or until all attendees are out of the areas and the building/grounds are secure, with a minimum of 2 hours
∗∗Should DPS security personnel or DPD officers be required –  costs will be billed to the permittee.

**For any outdoor event, more than 3 hours must provide a port-a-let (proof of a port-a-let rental must be provided) or pay for a custodian to open the building.

Customer Group Fee Schedule:

  • Group A:
    Personnel hourly rates

  • Group B: 
    Application fee
    Personnel hourly rates
    Per-use facility rental fee

  • Group C:
    Application fee
    Personnel hourly rates
    Hourly facility rental fee
    Consumables fee

  • Group D: 
    Application fee
    Rates negotiated as part of the event agreement

Hourly Rental Rates

School Facilities

Community Use Fee Schedule Compared Rates

Athletic Field / Parking Lot Fee Schedule

Athletic Fields Hourly and Use Rental Rates

Kitchen Rental

Kitchen Rental Rates

Denver School of the Arts

Denver School of the Arts Hourly Rental Rates

Denver School of the Arts Capacity

  • Classroom: 30 people

  • Commons: 200 people

  • Schomp Theatre: 550 people

  • Concert Hall: 290 people

  • Acting Studio: 75 people

  • Dance Hall: 180 people

Summer Programs

Pricing Information for 2024