Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Policy

Pursuant to Board Resolution 2621, the Office of Business Diversity (OBD) implements the following Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Policy for the District’s SBE Set-Aside Program.

OBD will oversee the SBE Set-Aside Program in accordance with District policies. Facilities Management, Construction Services and Operational Support Services are the District departments that participate in the SBE Set-Aside Program.

Denver Public Schools reserves the right to adjust program parameters as determined appropriate.

Contracting Category Eligibility Criteria

An identified contracting category is eligible for inclusion in the SBE Set-Aside program if two (2) or more certified SBEs apply into the contracting category. General Contracting and AE contractor categories are included in the SBE Set- Aside program automatically unless otherwise noted. [Contracting categories are determined by the Office of Business Diversity and include but are not limited to the following] 

BD2126 – Electric

BD1903 – HVAC

BD1904 – Protective Coatings

BD2024 – Plumbing

BD2223 – A/E Pre-Qualification

BD2205 – General Contractors Prequalification

Project Threshold Criteria for SBE Set-Aside Program

Services contracted through the Strategic Sourcing Department for AE fees up to $50,000 and Construction services up to $250,000 per project scope are eligible for inclusion in the SBE Set-Aside Program. 

Accepted Certifications

OBD will only accept certifications that align with Small Business Administration size standards as set forth in Title 13, Code of Federal Regulations, part 121 (13 CFR part 121), Small Business Size Regulations. Currently accepted certifications are listed below.

  • City and County of Denver SBE


  • SBA 8(a)


Exception: Contract BD2223, A/E Prequalification, will only accept City and County of Denver SBE certification.

Set-Aside Project Complexity

The Office of Business Diversity will work with leadership from participating departments to monitor projects that have high complexity levels as determined through analysis by the OBD goals committee. Projects that are eligible for goals review pursuant with the MWBE goals program requirements, will be reviewed by the Goals committee for MWBE goals application as well as SBE program inclusion, as applicable. Denver Public Schools maintains the right to determine a project deemed to have a high level of complexity will be excluded from the SBE Set-Aside Program.

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