Board of Education Resolution 2621

Resolution #2621

Whereas, the Board of Education is committed to the creation and preservation of equal opportunities for all people to participate in the delivery of goods and services through the contracting processes of the Denver Public Schools; and

Whereas, the Board of Education intends and expects that the contracting processes of the school district provide equal opportunity without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age or disability; and

Whereas, the Board of Education intends and expects that those who contract directly with the school district shall in turn make available equal opportunities to the extent third parties are engaged to provide goods and services to the school district as subcontractors, vendors, or otherwise.


1.         That in all respects the processes by which the school district contracts for goods and services be designed and implemented to further the foregoing principals.

2.         That, consistent with the foregoing principals, Denver Public Schools contracting policies and practices conform to the following parameters:

a)                  No person shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise discriminated against in connection with the award and performance of any contract on the grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age or disability.

b)                  Neither the gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age nor disability of any contractor or subcontractor shall be a factor in the evaluation of any proposal or award of any contract.

c)                  Any party contracting with Denver Public Schools for the provision of goods or services shall be required to agree as a condition of the contract not to discriminate on any of the foregoing grounds in the performance of the contract.

d)                  Information regarding contracting opportunities with the school district shall be disseminated in a manner calculated to reach all persons qualified to provide pertinent goods and services.

e)                  The criteria to be used in evaluating contract proposals shall be based on the school district’s interest in securing cost-effective, quality goods and services and shall not exclude or disadvantage parties for reasons that are not closely related to those interests.

f)                   In determining contract requirements, including the type and quantity of goods and services to be provided, bonding and insurance requirements and other specific details over which the school district may have discretion, care shall be taken to encourage submission of quotes or proposals from as wide a base of potential vendors as is reasonably possible.

g)                  School district contracts for the provision of goods or services shall require that the contracting party disseminate information regarding any third-party contracting opportunities in a manner reasonably calculated to reach all persons qualified and willing to participate and that the contracting party retain and make available to the school district records regarding its dissemination of information and responses thereto.

3.         That the Denver Public Schools Purchasing Department collect and maintain information necessary to permit the school district to determine the effectiveness of school district contracting policies and practices in ensuring equal opportunity.

4.         That the school district implement and maintain a procedure for the review and resolution of complaints from potential vendors, contractors, or subcontractors regarding intentional discrimination or discriminatory practices, procedures, or requirements in the award or performance of contracts, and that such procedure provide for appropriate remedies and sanctions where discrimination is found to have occurred.

5.         That the school district provide information and assistance regarding school district opportunities and contracting processes to interested persons and groups, in a manner and to the extent consistent with available resources.

6.         That this resolution supersede all prior resolutions, policies, and practices to the extent inconsistent herewith.