Office of Business Diversity (OBD) Advisory Council

The Office of Business Diversity (OBD) Council is a city wide partnership of Denver’s diversity organizations, such as the various Chambers of Commerce, Associations, local minority business owners, including Denver Public School’s (DPS) OBD Office, and staff. Their objective is to oversee the diversity outreaching at DPS. The Council receives updates on advancements within Denver Public Schools, it’s progress and diversity data regarding construction and the Bond Program. It’s also an opportunity for the Council to share updates on their organizations and upcoming events.

The OBD Council encourages all diverse businesses to collaborate, because it is our diverse, inclusive culture that welcomes all points of views. DPS is a leader in the Denver business community, a desired business partner and a committed member of the business community that we serve. We know that diverse, talented and dedicated businesses are critical to Denver’s success, and we look for businesses from various backgrounds and give them opportunities to grow. The OBD Council has long been a leader in promoting an inclusive business environment and holds DPS accountable for leading diversity initiatives as part of their philosophy. The Council understands the value of inclusiveness, and shares the DPS mission that diversity initiatives are vitally crucial.

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