Lead Testing Results

Below are links to school results. Results are organized alphabetically by Board recognized building name, corresponding programs/schools in that building are listed next to building. For example, Abe Lincoln is the recognized brick and mortar name and currently houses three school/programs – Compass, Respect and the traditional high school.

Beginning school year 2019/2020, schools will be sampled every three years.  Schools in lighter blue are from the current sampling year/schedule. The sampling schedule can be viewed here: 3-year Long Term Sampling Schedule.   Please note that with school closures due to Covid-19 several schools scheduled for sampling in current school year (2019/2020) have been delayed to Fall 2020. These schools are noted on the schedule.

The health and safety of your child is paramount to us. Please contact your health care provider if you have health concerns. If you have any questions about the testing or results as we receive them, please contact