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Individuals or community groups who would like to use a Denver Public Schools facility may do so by contacting the Community Use Office in Facilities Maintenance Services.  All individuals must fill out and turn in a completed application to the Community Use Office: DPS Community Use Application, or for any questions please email

Please click here to review application acceptance dates throughout the 2023-2024 school year.

For questions regarding applications and insurance use the following links:

DPS Community Use Application

DPS Application Instructions

Insurance Purchasing Instructions 

Dps Certificate Of Insurance Information

Liability Insurance:

$1,000,000 liability insurance certificate listing DPS as an additional insured.

For the personal use of tracks, tennis courts, and playgrounds, please, fill out the following form and we will get in contact with you: Personal Use Key Checkout Form

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DPS Community Use Policy

The following regulation is developed for the implementation of School Board Policy KF – Community Use of School Facilities.

The Board of Education recognizes:

  • That DPS facilities belong to the school.
  • That the primary purpose of the DPS facilities is to implement the regular instruction program.
  • That school district facilities may be made available to the community when not in use for school activities.
  • That any financial commitment of DPS arising out of community use of school facilities is subject to appropriation by the Board of Education.
  • That the procedures for Community Use of Facilities are intended to promote effective, consistent, and fair use and enjoyment of DPS facilities consistent with the need to establish priorities that recognize the educational purpose of these facilities.  These procedures apply to all buildings and fields owned and/or operated by the District.


Denver Public Schools shall make its buildings and facilities available to the community for the use of responsible organizations or groups of citizens when school is not in session.  Such permission and use shall not constitute an endorsement by the school district of any organization or group nor of the program, philosophies, goals or beliefs of any such organizations or groups or the expression of opinion regarding the nomination, retention, election or defeat of any candidate nor the expression of any opinion as to the passage or defeat of any issue.

Users shall adhere to all school district policies, regulations and practices pertaining to the use of school facilities.

The Board of Education reserves the right to refuse approval or to cancel any permits issued for the use of a school building or its facilities when it is deemed that such action is necessary for the best interests of the school.

To the extent users are interacting with DPS students, criminal and other background information pertaining to those users may be required pursuant to regulations or procedures established by the Superintendent or his designee.

The following facility user categories are identified for the purpose of determining rental rates, which are listed in the Appendix.

For all categories appropriate costs will be charged.  These costs may include any application fee, facility rental fee, labor, and repair of damage incurred by DPS.

Category A

Any DPS program that is administered, contracted or supervised by district staff as part of their normal duties and/or responsibilities

Free rental, no application fee, labor charges where appropriate

  • PTA/PTSA or other local parent-school organizations
  • DPS school-sponsored pupil organizations
  • DPS after-school programming
  • DPS school employee groups
  • DPS school clubs
  • DPS school activities
  • District-sponsored childcare programs
  • DPS-sponsored community education programs
  • School advisory or governance groups (SIAC, CSC, etc.)

Non-school organizations

Free rental, application fee, labor charges where appropriate

  • Non-partisan community service organizations, including but not limited to:
  • DPS Charter School supported programs
  • District-approved Enrichment Programs that do not charge their participants
  • Emergency preparedness/response groups
  • Political Caucuses
  • DPS class reunions

Category B

Any youth-serving educational event/activity arranged in collaboration with DPS. Activities are not administered by the district staff as part of their normal duties and / or responsibilities. Proof of 501c3 required.

Per Use Rental Fee, Application Fee, Labor Charges as Appropriate

  • Private not-for-profit childcare programs arranged by the schools or District and verified with a Partnership Agreement
  • Youth development/youth-serving groups (athletic practices, recreation, education, supporting 100% youth)

Category C

Activities not arranged in collaboration with DPS and not designed to meet district goals.  Non-district events.

Hourly Rental Fee, Application Fee, Labor Charges as Appropriate

  • Religious organizations/activities
  • Political meetings, debates, and fundraisers
  • Adult community fitness programs
  • Adult recreational groups (excl. Denver Parks and Rec.)
  • Any use that is exclusively private/personal (weddings, birthday parties)
  • Social organizations
  • Support groups
  • Youth-serving game and tournament events

Category D

Strategic partnerships/special events managed by unique agreement. Any educational event/activity offered by a group and not arranged in collaboration with DPS to advance the goals of the district.

Candidacy and fees subject to determination by the Office of Community Use

  • Use request encompasses entire campus
  • Estimated costs exceed $10,000
  • Day camps
  • Special Districts (Stapleton & Green Valley Ranch)
  • Non-partner enrichment programs
  • District partners hosting programs that provide partial benefits to DPS employees (training classes)
  • Colleges/ Universities (University of Denver, University of Colorado – Denver, Colorado College)
  • City entities (City and County of Denver, Denver Parks & Recreation)
  • Private schools

Applications for use of Facilities, Fields, or All-City Athletic Complexes by non-school organizations for community or commercial groups or agencies must be obtained from the Office of Community Use of Facilities during normal business hours (7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday) using this link.

DPS-sponsored school organizations must submit an application using this link to request any use of school sites to the Office of Community Use.

The Office of Community Use of Facilities will coordinate scheduling and processing of payment responsibilities for all labor costs and insurance requirements for the use of all facilities to include kitchens/lunchrooms.  Menu planning and staffing must be coordinated directly with the Food Services Department.  The presence of kitchen personnel is mandatory when the kitchen is in use.

Application forms provided for Community Use of Facilities should be submitted at least two (3) weeks in advance of the date for requested use.  Completed applications will be time/date stamped when received in the Office of Community Use.

Priority for facility use will be given to: I. DPS Schools and school sponsored organizations, II.

DPS Community School Programs, III.  Denver Parks & Recreation Programs, in the above order.

All other use of facilities will be processed on a first come, first served basis determined by the time and date the completed application was received in the Office of Community Use of Facilities.

Single permits may be entered into for a series of meetings of a particular group.  However, a permit will not be issued during one school year for use during a future school year.

Application Fee

A $25 non-refundable application fee in the form of a check or money order, made payable to Denver Public Schools, will be required from Category B and Category C applicants at the time the application is filed.  If the community use application is not approved, or canceled by the District, the deposit shall be returned to the applicant within two weeks of the disapproval.  Any changes to an application will result in a $25 fee.Should security personnel be required to enforce the noise ordinance, any other requirement of this regulation and/or the DPS rules for use of facilities, security cost will be billed to the permit holder.

All applicants using DPS fields must sign the DPS rules for use before the permit will be issued.

Payment of Fees

If approved, the applicant shall make payment by check or money order to Denver Public Schools at the Office of Community Use of Facilities at least three (3) working days prior to the date of scheduled use.  Failure to make payment within three (3) working days prior to the scheduled use will result in the permit being canceled.  The application fee will not be refunded.

Approval Process

The Office of Community Use of Facilities will determine the appropriate personnel required to be present at the facility for proper supervision and to protect the District property.

Appropriate personnel will be required to supervise the following areas:


  • Kitchen – At least one kitchen worker must be present.
  • Auditorium – High school stage requires the presence of the stage manager or designee.  As many designees may be assigned by the stage manager as felt necessary for the activity.  Attendance must not exceed the capacity of fixed seating in any District auditorium.
  • Pool – Requires the presence of the pool manager and/or certified lifeguard(s).  The number of lifeguards needed will be determined by the number of participants.
  • Artificial Fields – Requires the presence of a custodian on the premises to monitor proper use of the field and to allow access to restrooms in the school.
  • The applicant, following review of the application, will be notified by the Office of Community Use of Facilities as to the approval or disapproval of the application.

Police Guards/ City Firemen/DPS Security

Uniformed city police officers, firemen and/or security must be on duty at least 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the activity if so directed by the Office of Community Use of Facilities.  Any and all fees and charges are to be paid directly to the Denver Public Schools.

  1. Use of School Facilities:  Use of school facilities must in no way interfere with school activities, and shall be limited to the activity specified in the approved use permit.  The Office of Community Use reserves the right to cancel a permit at any time.
  2. Transfer:  Use permits may not be transferred or assigned.  The permittee agrees to notify the Office of Community Use if the permit is not to be used.
  3. Restriction to Area:  Persons using facilities pursuant to this policy must confine themselves to the rooms or corridors assigned for their use.  These areas must be cleaned and restored to their original condition.
  4. Safety:  Open flames, including candles flames, are not permitted in the school buildings.  A lessee may have in attendance no more persons than the seating capacity of the facilities rented.  Fire regulations limit the seating capacity of the auditorium; therefore, additional seating space may not be gained by placing extra chairs in the aisles.
  5. Adult Supervision: Buildings may be used only when adult supervision provided by the user is present.  In addition, a school district employee must be present in the building throughout each permitted use.
  6. Gymnasium Use: Lessors must furnish basketballs, volleyballs, volleyball nets, towels for showers, wrestling mats, or other gymnasium equipment.  No gymnasium equipment shall be provided on a rental basis.  Hardwood gymnasium floors are restricted to soft-sole footwear such as tennis shoes.
  7. Equipment: Arrangements for the use of equipment must be made with the Office of Community Use.
  8. Storage: No storage facilities will be provided, nor responsibility accepted by the district for any equipment or materials brought in by the applicant, unless specifically addressed in the application.  If items are stored, the district is not responsible for the items.
  9. Food Service: Refreshments may be served only in approved areas.  Use of kitchen facilities is prohibited unless specifically authorized pursuant to the application process.
  10. Parking: Includes free use of the parking lot to the extent spaces are available at the time of the rental.  If not leasing the building parking lot space is available at the normal fee schedule.These areas may not be used for parking unless authorized by the Community Use Department. The district will not be liable for vandalism, stolen property, or personal injuries, nor will it remove snow other than in the normal course of its operations.
  11. Drugs:  Use or possession of controlled substances within the meaning of state and federal law is strictly prohibited on any school property.
  12. Alcohol: Use or possession of alcohol is prohibited on any school property unless use and/or possession of alcohol at an event or facility is specifically authorized by an agreement signed by the Superintendent or a designee.
  13. Smoking: Smoking in district buildings and on district grounds is prohibited.
  14. Religious Activities: Church services and other religious activities shall be conducted at times when school is not in session.  Religious objects and symbols are to be removed after each use.
  15. Security: Should security personnel be required to enforce any regulations of the permit, security costs will be billed to the permittee.


∗∗Application fee: $25 (Application not accepted without fee) Non-refundable.

∗∗Change fee: $25 per change


Personnel Hourly Overtime rates:

  • ∗Custodial Personnel: $35.00
  • Maintenance Personnel: $35.00
  • Stage Manager: $32.00
  • ∗∗Unarmed Guard: $40.00
  • ∗∗Armed Guard: $55.00
  • Student Assistant: $ 9.37
  • Food Service Employee: $32.00

Overtime rates are subject to change according to salary adjustments.

∗Custodial overtime rates begin ½ hour before the event and end 1 hour after the event with a minimum of 4 hours on weekends, holidays, and on school breaks.

*For events larger than 250 people and/or using multiple areas, an additional Cleaning fee of $35 per hour may be added to your invoice. The additional fee will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

**Security overtime rates begin 1 hour before the event and end 1 hour after the event or until all attendees are out of the areas and the building/grounds are secure, with a minimum of 2 hours
∗∗Should DPS security personnel or DPD officers be required –  costs will be billed to the permittee.

**For any outdoor event, more than 3 hours must provide a port-a-let (proof of a port-a-let rental must be provided) or pay for a custodian to open the building.

Customer Group Fee Schedule:

  • Group A:
    Personnel hourly rates
  • Group B: 
    Application fee
    Personnel hourly rates
    Per-use facility rental fee
  • Group C:
    Application fee
    Personnel hourly rates
    Hourly facility rental fee
    Consumables fee
  • Group D: 
    Application fee
    Rates negotiated as part of the event agreement

Hourly Rental Rates

Denver School of the Arts Hourly Rental Rates

Denver School of the Arts Capacity

  • Classroom: 30 people
  • Commons: 200 people
  • Schomp Theatre: 550 people
  • Concert Hall: 290 people
  • Acting Studio: 75 people
  • Dance Hall: 180 people